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Andrew Oesch sees making and learning as spaces for expansive collaborative creation. Past projects explored: oral histories with various communities & individual families, constructing metaphorical architectural models, and transforming environments through costumes and temporary installations. His work engages the questions - How do we ground our identities in place? and How do we encounter and utilize common objects to give everyday a sense of possibility and wonder? In seeking answers through social and art/design media he is drawn to moments when many meanings pile up. The processes and work surrounding these moments are messy, ephemeral, ambiguous, and a great deal of fun.

He currently works at the RISD Museum of Art as an artist educator, serves as secretary on the board of directors at New Urban Arts, and is the lead artist on "Characters in the Collection" this years featured project of the Community Arts Initiative at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. He is proud to previously have worked with The Learning Community Charter School, The Providence Community Libraries, English for Action, CityArts, as well as other community-based and learning institutions.

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